huge d'ray and animal post

So. This is me trying to make up for not posting any icons or wallpapers for a long time. 8D Or it's just me trying to get rid of all the old icons I've got collecting computer-dust on my harddrive along with the new D'ray ones I made. You can pick whichever sounds best to you really.

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86 D'espairsRay
38 Animals (Horses & Butterfly)

WALLPAPERS 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600
2 Butterfly
5 Karyu (D'espairsRay)

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3 Texture sets

Sorry, no icons this time guys! D: I am working on a couple of batches though so it shouldn't take too long, and if you know any photoshoots or hq pvs that you'd love to have iconed, feel free to point me in the direction of them.

Made so many textures during the storm here that I probably won't manage to use them all myself, so I decided to share 'em! I you like them and can find some use for them, since they're all rather common light textures. ._.

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- Credit! Either credit toxicraspberry or eiskaffe @ da.


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30 Icons & 2 Wallpapers

30 Icons
15 Arashi
9 Multiple
15 MatsuJun

2 Wallpapers
2 MatsuJun
Sizes: 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1280x1024

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- Resources
- Textless aren't bases, if you want to modify one; ask me first.
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- Comments are much appreciated ♥

Previews -facepalm- I forgot this at first.

Edit: Links for 1280x1024 wallpapers are fixed! ...and srsly, ♥ to you all for all of the comments.

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45 alice nine. icons

45 alice nine.
5 Multiple members
20 Saga
20 Tora

Resources & Credits
○ Please credit papperslapp of toxicraspberry if you use, if you don't know how to credit you can ask me how to :3
○ Comments = ♥
○ Textless icons aren't bases, but if you ask nicely and credit I might let you modify them anyway, since I'm nice like that


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